Dave Courvoisier   voice-actor
AudioBook Narrator & Storyteller
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Dave’s appreciation for the written and spoken word is embedded in his past and his present.

Dave grew up in a family where books reigned supreme.  Even in this digital age, his home and yes, his garage, are packed with hardbacks he refuses to throw away.

About Dave

Some of Dave’s Many Completed Titles

Brilliant Mistake: Finding Success on the Far Side of Failure

Exile, The Five Worlds Trilogy, Book 1

Journey, The Five Worlds Trilogy, Book 2

Return, The Five Worlds Trilogy, Book 3

Brothers: 26 Stories of Love and Rivalry


Coffin Ship

Fire Ship

13 Selected Short Stories of Anton Chekhov

The Zebra Murders

Demand: Creating What People Love Before They Know They Want It

The Conviction to Lead

Our Occulted History

Crossed Paths: A Tale of the Dread Remora

How Excellent Companies Avoid Dumb Things

The Flu


Terralus 4

Dinosaur Summer

A Jungle of Stars

Global Terrorism

Border Ambush

Bioterror and Biowarfare

Mafia and Organised Crime

Tales From the Dallas Mavericks Locker Room

The Tritonian Ring

The Birth of the Dread Remora

Drive on Moscow